7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2021

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Need a free WordPress backup plugin recommendation? Apart from UpdraftPlus, there are 6 other plugins you can use to back up WordPress website files! Making regular backups is an important thing that blog owners should do. Even though nowadays ad hosting provides an automatic backup service, making backups manually is still necessary so that we … Read more

Popular Blog Topics + Tips to Determine a Blog Topic in 2021

Popular Blog topics and tips to choose one

Your blog is an information medium that is expected to last for a long time. One of the crucial issues that need to be considered at the beginning is determining the blog topic that attracts readers. Yep, that’s right. Simple but very important. You need to decide from the start what will your blog talk … Read more

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Website Traffic in 2021

Use Pinterest to Increase Website Traffic

You must already know that social media is a platform that can help you to spread blog content. The most frequently used social media are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Indeed, the three social media websites are most often recommended by SEO experts and marketers to share your blog content. But, have you heard of Pinterest? … Read more

9+ Profitable Blog Niche to Start a Blog in 2021

10 profitable blog niches to start a blog in 2021, best blog niches 2021

In creating a blog, you are free to fill it with any content. However, it is better if you focus on one specific topic or blog niche. Maybe you are wondering why you should focus on one specific topic?   Well, you will find the answer here. Besides, we will also provide ten good blog niche … Read more

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